Saturday, October 18, 2003

D'oh! Both cursed teams lost... most crappy, boring World Series ever.

No matter, cause during game one, instead of watching it on FOX, wing over to WTBS and watch the #21 Oregon State Beavers play against the Washington Huskies. Word of warning... there will be lots of violence and carnage... with graphic images of dogs being ripped to pieces.

Our soccer team actually played to a tie today, raising our record for the year to 1-1-2. Much better pace than last years 1-6-1. I had an assist, but only got to play one half, because during the first half I was taking the PSAT, which I think I did okay on.

Tis all.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

HOLY COW! CUBBIES WIN! Cubs won a series for the first time since 1908... they were just about as pathetic as the Beavers were. Way to go Cubs!

Beavers 0wned the California Bears, who beat #3 USC last week, 35-21, on the road. They were 1-7 in their last 8 road games, so this was big. Oregon State now is finally getting respect, ranked 25th in the country (although they are more like 15th).

Ducks lost to UTAH.... UTAH of all people. They fall from the rankings, in which they didn't deserve to be in, and now have lost two straight and are starting to look like last year. It's been fun watching people jump off the bandwagon after this loss. And Michigan, who the Ducks beat in the biggest so called win in state football history, lost to a crappy Iowa team and are now 18th in the rankings... not so impressive now.

Aside from sports, nothing in my life is exciting. Oh, we tied our soccer game 4-4, we played on some really nice AstroTurf, but I rolled my ankle on it, and now its hard to walk and my ankle is all puffy. Other than that... oh go Red Sox, this is nothing else.