Thursday, September 29, 2005

Well, it's been over a week since I've posted. I decided to get off the whole "every Monday" thing... yeah. I'll try to post more, it's just that I've been pretty busy.

Last weekend was the football game versus Arizona State. Oregon State got beat pretty bad, but it was still fun. This weekend's game against Washington State should be a big one, and I expect it to be pretty close like Boise State. Should be fun. And it's almost here!

Classes so far have been good. I'm really happy I took Astronomy, not only does it appear to be very easy (no homework), but it's something that actually interests me. So when the professor announces we're going to spend a whole lecture on each planet, lots of people moan, but I'm like "yay!". Anywho, I'm also in MTH241, or "Calculus for Business." So far it's just review and has been easy. I expect it to get harder, but nothing that will blow my brains. I know a few people in there so we can study together and whatnot.

I also have "Modern American Families" class. It's very easy, and pretty interesting. You basically have to show up and have a tenth of your brain working. The professor is very blunt and to the point, so it's excellent. Upsets the more sheltered in the class, which is fun to watch. Anywho, that class also has minimal homework. I'm also in a "college adjustment" class worth 1 credit with that same teacher. Basically you show up and get an A, so yay.

There is still one class I have not been to. WR214, or better understood as "Writing for Business." It only meets once a week, but for 2 hours and 50 minutes. It starts at 7pm and goes to 9:50pm. So that will be a marathon. But with the quarter system, that means I only have to go to it 10 times and then I'm done. Probably will be my hardest class in terms of homework/actually having to apply myself, but it will be fine. I tested out of all freshman required writing/literature classes by taking the AP English test this last spring. So basically I'm getting my sophomore writing stuff out of the way and will have only one more writing class after this one.

College has been good and I've been enjoying it. The dorm life is good as well, it's not that bad once you get settled in and adjusted to not living in 2200 square feet. We also discovered the West Dining Center, which is a really nice place to eat, albeit a bit of a hike (10 minutes).

Monday, September 19, 2005

Decided to just do a quick post. I've been busy moving into the dorm and stuff.

Still have some work to do... lofting the beds and such. So far its been fun. School offically starts next Monday, so until then, we don't have much to do except hang out.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Since I'm lazy, I'll just transplant a post from a message board I wrote up about Saturday's game:

Well, things certainly looked bad to start as BSU jumped ahead 14-0 and visions of last year were in the minds of many Beaver fans. But, OSU fought back and won it in the final minutes, something that has not happened since that magical 2000 season.

The hail was wacky.. so big it almost hurt. Biggest hail I think I've seen. It, along with the massive downpour, only seemed to encourage the crowd more.

Speaking of the crowd, boy did it get loud. Especially late in the fourth after OSU had tied it 27-27 and was ahead 30-27. The new east grandstand can really roar and it was a big homefield advantage.

As for the running game, the negative yard plays had disappeared. Last year it seemed every other play was stopped for a loss of two. This year, it seems the Beavers are getting 2-3 years regularly, with a big gain every once in a while. Should get that up to 4-5 yards, but IT IS better. Riley just knows the pass is more effective at this point.

Okay, back to non-copied post Thomas. It was a really fun game, the most fun game I've ever been too. Civil War is still my favorite, but this game was an absolute blast. Being in the student section is so much more fun, you can be rowdy and loud, jump up and down, scream obsenities at the refs... oh man, it's great. The new Reser can get REALLY loud too, and it showed it teeth in the fourth quarter as the Broncos looked helpless to move the ball.

I would make fun of Mike for the Broncos losing, but since he's no longer a BSU student *cough*ahem*cough* I'll refrain.

Me and Stephen pimped out the car, take a look:

Anyways, it was a fun time.

I'll try to get off this streak of once-a-week blog postings, and I'm sure the start of my college life will aide in that.

Monday, September 05, 2005

On Saturday I went down to the season opener for Oregon State football against Portland State. It was the first game in the new look Reser Stadium, which was pretty impressive.

We got there around 11:00 so we could watch the opening ceremony, which included Dennis Erickson and Ken Simonton. That was sort of neat, seeing a bunch of former players and everything. We then headed to Stephen's apartment to get his keys then wandered back towards the stadium. I crissoned a tiolet with it's first offical job, then we watched the players warm up. We met Jeremey Weis' drunk sister at the game as well.

As for the game itself, it was fun, but not highly entertaining. Portland State is 1-AA so Oregon State was expected to win big and did. Can't really tell much from the game, so we'll see this week against Boise State. It should be a good game and I think Oregon State will pull it out.