Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Over this weekend the Beavers got spanked (albeit by the #22 team in the nation on the road) while the Vikings beat #12 McNeese State at home. I went to that game and it was a blast... the crowd was into it and we handed the Cowboys a big defeat.

Our soccer team lost 0-6... not anything new.

Today I closed my account at PTCU and opened one at Umpqua Bank. That place is absolutly absurb. It doesn't look like a bank, but rather a very modern shag pad or something. Very cool. They have free cookies, free coffee, big chairs to just relax in with a big screen TV. And with every transaction you get a big yummy chocolate. Glad I switched... anywho, should be getting a debit card soon and I applied for their Visa.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Nothing real exciting to report. Just school and work, school and work. Started soccer on Tuesday and proceeded to pull my calf muscle... been sore the last few days but it should be ready in time for Saturday. We have our first soccer game Saturday, so that will be interesting. I think our team is better overall this year, but since the coach wants to put me as goalie, things aren't looking too bright. Anywho, that will be interesting.

Tualatin is playing a football game right now but it was uber boring. It was 47-0 at halftime and god knows what now. We're playing Woodburn, the Idaho of high school football. The 8th string or something went in and it turned into a defensive battle so I left. Wanted to watch Boise State vs. BYU instead. Turns out that this game is boring as well... so I came upstairs.

Oh yeah, our football team is now 4-0, so that is good news.

Tomorrow Oregon State plays at Arizona State and are most likely going to be slaughtered. I hope they will keep it close, but I have no faith in either the defense (53 points against Boise State) or the offense (17 points against New Mexico). Both have shown they can be good but lack consistency. We need a defensive effort like against New Mexico tomorrow night to stay close.

Portland State also plays tomorrow against #12 McNeese State. I will be attending that game at PGE Park, meaning I will miss the Oregon State vs. Arizona State game. I'll be taping it at home and listening to it on the radio.

Uhhh, that's all. As you can see, my life revolves around sports for the most part. Yay.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Went to the Oregon State home opener yesterday. It was fun, but very wet. The forecast called for light showers... it was more of a monsoon. Let's just say it looked like I jumped into a swimming pool I was so wet. Most the rest of the stadium was smart and had ponchos; oh well, I lived.

The Beavers dominated the Lobos, although the score doesn't really reflect it. The Lobos only points where when Derek Anderson fumbled and they returned it 70 yards to the house. It was fun to be there, it got really loud a few times but nothing like it can get during the Civil War or when the #1 USC Trojans roll into here later on this season.

Serna, the kicker who missed all those PATs, made a field goal to put the game away after the other kicker missed two of them earlier. That probably got the biggest cheer of the afternoon, so good for him. I have restored faith. I'll probably have a bigger report after a more interesting game the Saturday after next.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Been busy this week with school and work. Getting back into the swing of things... kinda sucks, kinda is nice. I don't enjoy the homework, but it's good to see everyone again and all that shit. Tualatin plays their first home game tomorrow night being 2-0 at this point with very impressive victories. Should be fun.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

This weekend has been mehy. Started out kinda crappy with the Beavers getting 0wned by a very good Boise State team. All was made up for though as the Ducks lost to Indiana at home, a terrible team who had no business winning. Duck fans are reeling and can't give the Beavers crap for their 0-2 start. I can't wait until the New Mexico game next weekend, I'll be in the stands cheering the Beavers first win hopefully. Also I've had a lot of homework this weekend, only the first of the school year. Dammit.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My schedule:

A Days:
1st- Accounting II
2nd- Government/Economics
3rd- IB Physics II

B Days:
2nd- Government/Economics
3rd- Intro to Calculus

I get to sleep in every other day. Uhhh all classes are okay so far, today two of the three teachers I've already had before and like, and the other one seemed okay. Going back to school didn't feel weird... just like we hardly ever had summer. Except now I'm a big bad senior.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today I played golf as sort of a last hurrah for the summer (actual last day tomorrow). I probably played the best I ever did, shooting an 82 on Charbonneau. The par is 61, so I was just slightly over one shot over par per hole. I had a really nice long putt to save par on one hole and only three putted about two times. Towards the end my game started going to crap, but I held it together. We played the red course, which was a lot more scenic and diverse than the green or yellow. It was fun... now tomorrow I lay low and enjoy my last day of freedom.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Well, school starts next week. Can't say I'm looking forward to it, but it's my senior year and should go by fast.

Last night the Beavers almost beat last year's defending national champs, unfortunately our kicker fucked up three times on the PATs and we lost by one.

Friday, September 03, 2004

So yesterday I went to the Portland State Vikings game. We got there an hour late because I got super lost. Some misleading signs led us to take an exit too early, putting us on some random highway. It was at least 5 miles before there was an opportunity to turn around. Then we circled back and hooked into the freeway. Of course it hooked us one exit above of where we wanted to be, so we ended up parking on the street close to that exit (actual parking places, not parallel) and wandered to where we thought we were supposed to go. We ended up circling the City of Portland for about 35 minutes trying to find the damn stadium, but no luck. We asked a few people and acertained we were pretty far from it and would have to take the bus. Fuck that. So we get back into the car and try to find the freeway again. That was a problem... I took about three one way streets the wrong way (whoopsie :D) but we finally hooked back into I-5 south. We had to go all the way past Terwilliger to find an offramp that had an onramp on the other side. So I went on that, making a really, super-illegal U-Turn into the onramp and we were headed back to Portland! Ends up we take the right exit this time, but now we can't find shit for parking. We circled around and around, no street spaces were open, all the paid lots where full, no garages in sight. I happen to take a street right infront of the stadium, and what do you know, one space is open. I'd have to parallel to get into it. By this time we are almost an hour late and the second quarter has started. "Ah hell with it," I thought, preparing to parallel park. I had never done it in my life, practiced it, read up on how to do it, etc. I just winged it from what I thought it should look like. Let's just say I did an expert job, needing only to back in and inch forward a little bit to correct a slight slant. I have done similiar things at home when the guy parks his damn boat infront of the house, so I guess that helped me. Anywho, we made it! The game was fun, Portland State beating up on Western State College (Division II) 38-0. After the game we had no trouble getting back onto the freeway, it just so happened that road we were on connected right onto 405 a few blocks ahead.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Many people wonder what's it's like to attend white, wonderbread, high-class, Tualatin High School. Well, while watching the rightie convention this week on TV I noticed the two scenes were very similar, given a few changes:

-Knock about 50 years off the convention goers
-Remove the cowboy hats

Then you pretty much get the scene at Tualatin High.

(Just a stab at the RNC, I love my high school... sorta... meh I wouldn't go that far, but let's just say I'm lucky to attend such a good one).