Friday, May 31, 2013


I plotted out the route I will do tomorrow morning. It is a 16 mile journey from my house to the Fanno Creek Trail, popping into the trail more to the north (Denney vs. Hall) than I usually do and staying on it to its southern terminus past the Tigard Library.

Since I will need to hydrate on a run this long, I also plotted the drinking fountain locations. These include the normal one in Woodard Park, the water fountain at the library (I presume there is one inside) and one at Conestoga Rec Center. The one at Conestoga Rec Center is most certainly NOT outside, but I figure if I stumble inside I could refill my water bottle.

Yes, I will be carrying a water bottle. I don't have one of those fancy ones that clips onto a belt or anything, so it will likely just be a 20oz pop bottle. That will be annoying to carry but I'll be taking it easy and it is a much better option than being dehydrated.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


First, a quick update on that sprinting match I got into at the Rum Run finish line. Turns out I actually WON! Wohoo! Gun time I was 1 second ahead of him. I kind of had a suspicion that might have been the case, while he went through the marked finish line first, there were a series of pads about 15 yards before that I suspected was the "actual" finish line where your chip was read. I had pulled just ahead at that point before he had the final burst through the marked finish. So guy twice my age, I beat you. On a technicality. And not on chip time (he crossed the start line 2 seconds after me). Okay, I'm going to go sulk now.

Also of note is that there is only ONE picture of me from the entire race. There was a photographer step up around mile 4.5 or so, but I was in a thick of 5Kers when I passed him so I figured he didn't get me (and he didn't). Sort of the same situation with the finish line sprint, if I didn't sprint I was actually in a decent 'pocket' and would have probably gotten a couple of pictures, instead, I sprinted right into the back of people and my shots got messed up.

Me and my sprint partner. I'm surprised I didn't trip, look near my feet!
Finish line photo, you can sort of see me. Closer than I thought!
After the run I ended up going to Sky High Sports with Brandon and jumping on trampolines for two and a half hours. Needless to say, my little leggsies were tired on Sunday night! Recovered surprisingly well though, ran 5.3 miles at run group Monday and felt pretty good.

This weekend has sixteen miles on the schedule. I am going to Rock of Ages the musical at 2pm on Saturday, so I'll need to do my run before than. That means getting out the door at 10am latest. Ugh. I don't wanna do 16 miles! *pout* Anyways, I'll probably just do a couple loops from my house.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, May 27, 2013


Libbie near the lakeside finish getting photobomed by Megan.
Yesterday was the 10k Rum Run in my hometown of Tualatin. I woke up around 7am and got ready. Libbie came by and we carpooled over there and checked in. After getting my bib we had a little bit of time to kill, which was spent waiting in line for the bathrooms. I didn't really have to go, but figured I might as well. Once done with that mission it was only a few minutes until the start.

I lined up with the "8 Minutes & Under" people and waited for the horn. Before I knew it, we were off! I started at a pretty good clip and was feeling pretty comfortable. My goal pace was 7:20/mile and I figured I was hitting about that. The first mile or so of a race always sucks because you can't ease into it or anything, it's just zero to sixty almost instantly. Despite that, my legs were feeling pretty good. My lungs were the ones complaining the whole run, and if you are going to have one or the other complain, I'll take the lungs thank you. My legs felt pretty damn good, which was the plan in taking a lighter load during the week.

Some of the hills in Durham.
Same course as last year, so I knew what to expect. Through Tualatin Community Park, across the bridge over the Tualatin River, and then left into Cook Park. We then had to climb that small hill that is also in the Earth Day Run. Killed that part. Passed a couple of people on that hill that I never saw again. I was gassed at the top, but easily able to keep pace. Then about half a mile flat along Durham where I was able to catch my breath, before ducking down in the neighborhoods and getting some downhill before entering the park again. Feeling pretty good at this point!

We ran back through Cook Park and then merged with the 5kers about mile 4. A check on how I was feeling at this point... great. As good as you can feel during a race, I mean my lungs were screaming, I wanted to stop, but honestly, you are supposed to feel that way. My legs had a lot of spring and I could tell I was doing a PR pace. What more do you want?

Unfortunately, the 5kers were in the way again this year, including many people with strollers (some three across) so there was some ducking and dodging. Not as bad as last year, I think I am able to deal with it better now or am just less polite about giving people "space." Frankly, I passed most of them in the neighborhoods of Durham and they were nice and wide. If you were running the tangents it was actually not very crowded at all, most were hugging the right shoulder of the road.

Those hills through Durham are the major test of this race. They weren't as bad as I remember from last year, which tells me one thing... I am a stronger hill runner. Last year they nearly killed me, this year they were annoying but I was able to deal with them. My pace certainly slowed during this section, but I was still able to pull out a 7:56 mile. The hilly part is about half a mile long according to my measurements, so that's a pretty good mile time!

Enjoying the after party!
One of my goals this year was to have more in the tank left after the hills so I could attack the final downhill mile and loop around the lake. Mission accomplished. I was certainly pretty tired at this point, but I was able to attack this section more to my liking. I was flying past 5k people and I have to admit, I kind of liked having them on the course. Around mile four you were feeling pretty tired, but all of a sudden a bunch of people for you to pass are dropped on the course. You feel like a Kenyan out there blowing by all those people. Anyways, it was fun to blow by them on that downhill part.

Finally I got to the final lap around the lake. There was an older gentleman in his 50s that was about 20 yards ahead of me the whole damn race that I made my mission to pass. I pretty much went into a full on sprint around the lake. I finally caught him with about fifty yards to go. He wasn't going to be passed by a young whippersnapper, so he turns on the jets and retakes the lead. I then turn on the jets (sub 5 minute mile crap here) and catch back up. I get back into his eyeline and he lunges forward and takes the victory. Probably finished a quarter second ahead of me. I'll give it to him. Anyways, I had a lot in the tank obviously to get into a sprinting match at the finish! The clock read 45:50 something when I crossed so I knew I set a PR by a healthy margin.

That last little push took a lot out of me, so once finishing I stumbled around for a minute or so to catch my breath. I recovered really well though, much better than after the Great Pumpkin Run or Hot Buttered Run last fall when I wasn't in as good of shape. I waited for Libbie to finish, she ended up running with Megan, a friend from our PRC run group, so that was fun for her. She was taking it easy because she is running the RnR San Diego Marathon next weekend.

My tracking with mile markers.
Two beers, two mojitos, and some teriyaki chicken later, I was ready to go home. Very successful race though, a new 10k PR! Wohoo!

Official chip time: 45:56, 7:14/mi pace, 4/24 M2529, 36/598 overall.

Mile 1: 6:56 (a tad fast perhaps, feeling good)
Mile 2: 7:30 (first hill, settling into pace)
Mile 3: 7:11 (that's about right)
Mile 4: 7:19 (finishing up in Cook Park)
Mile 5: 7:56 (Durham hill hell)
Mile 6: 7:16 (very last bit of hills, downhill approach to finish)
Finish: 1:48 (extrapolated 5:09(!) mile pace... literally this starts just as we approach the lake. Told ya I sprinted!)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


First I'll tell you about the weather this week. It sucks! It's basically back to winter, temperatures are in the low 50s for highs and it has been raining non stop. Wednesday at run group it was a monsoon the whole time, I got soaked in just 5.3 miles. Plus, it was very windy. Kind of fun to run in to be one of those "crazy" people, but at the same time, what happened to sunny and 60? That wasn't so bad!

The Rum Run is this weekend in Tualatin. This race kind of holds a special place in my heart because one year ago it was the first non-5k I ever did. At that time 10k was quite the distance! I had only ran six miles a couple times before the race, and only over five a few times more. So it was a step up for me. It's funny to think how far I've come in a year... a 10k is just a normal weekday run for me now. In a way though, this race was the first step up working toward the Portland Marathon in October of this year.

Unfortunately, in what seems to be a trend for Energy Events, the course is long. It clocks in at 6.35 miles, so .12 miles long. That translates to about an extra minute that is going to be added to my time. The good news is, my PR for a 10k is still what I did at this race last year on the same course, so it will be apples to apples. Really confusing that this course is long because I found a number of ways playing around on MapMyRun to make it an actual 10k without changing the route hardly at all (no new roads or paths) but oh well.

Bottom line is that I want to beat my time from last year. I don't know when I'll do a 10k next, so I'll have to live with this one for a while. My training plan really doesn't call for any more short distance races since weekends are for long runs now, so this will be a final "short distance celebration" before I really buckle down for the marathon!

Anyways, my plan is pretty simple. Try to run a 7:20 average or so. Hopefully I'll have more in the tank this year after the neighborhood hills in Durham so I can attack the last mile a little bit better. The weather is looking a little iffy... it might rain, but hopefully if it does, it will just be sprinkles.

A Goal: 46:59 or less. Trade up those first two numbers for a new set.
B Goal: 47:30 or less. This would be a new PR!
C Goal: Anything starting with a 4. Don't want to jeopardize anything with an injury, so if I feel something off, no shame in pulling up. Although I'll be pissed. Really, really pissed.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, this weekend was a "rest" weekend for me, meaning I only had to do twelve miles. Only 12! Wohoo! Yes, that was some sarcasm. Anyways, I think originally I had myself doing 10 miles, but then I realized I have the Rum Run 10k next weekend (preview to come) and figured I didn't want to take it too easy two weekends in a row. Since running a 10k at 7:20/mile is taking it easy and everything.

Anyways, some drinking was done the night before and I woke up on Saturday at 12:30pm a teensy hungover. I was not really feeling like going outside and pounding out twelve miles so I ended up putting off the run until about 2:30pm. Another factor delaying me from starting was the rain outside... it was light, but it was constant. According to the weather it was supposed to be "off and on showers" but the switch must have got stuck in the "on" position.

I finally got my ass out the door and started to run. It wasn't really cold, 56 degrees or so, and the rain was just light. You might classify them as sprinkles. Honestly, those first five miles were GLORIOUS. I don't know why, but I was really feeling it. I think I was feeling like it was a "fresh" start after the hangover and I was just taking it super easy so everything was coming up roses. Plus, it was "only" 12 miles, so it would be over before I knew it!

Shitty quality GIF snapshot of Saturday's run.
I plotted a modified version of my 10k route that would have me swinging by my house again at mile 7.5 in case I needed fluids. By the time I hit my house I was ready to be done but I wasn't feeling super thirsty, so I just continued on without stopping. I think I forgot about those next 4.5 miles when I was feeling so wonderful at the beginning.

Those last 4.5 miles sucked! By that time the light rain had fully penetrated me. I went from being lightly sprinkled on ("teehee" -Me) at mile two to full out fell in a swimming pool by mile 8. I was SOAKED. Then, to top it all off, the last 4.5 were hilly as heck. I did the route down the powerline parks and that route is just hilly for the sake of being hilly. You are either going up or down, rarely is it flat. So that was kind of annoying.

To top it all off, my genius route had me hoofing it up a major hill about mile 11. I was kind of grumpy at this point and my mile time was like 10:20. Eff this S. Finally though, I was done! By the time I got done I was super thirsty and pretty damn tired for doing an 'easy' 12 miles. That route was super hilly though and a really bad choice for a long run. Lesson learned.

Overall though, I enjoyed the run. Although I didn't like getting all wet and pruning up at mile nine, it was still fun to run in the rain when it wasn't super cold outside. I also just liked taking it easy and feeling pretty good until the last few miles. I just needed to realize that twelve miles at an easy pace is two hours and to temper my expectations when I'm feeling like a boss forty minutes in.

After the run I took a nice long bath, watched the Timbers pull out a 2-2 tie against Vancouver, then headed to Trader Joe's and became $100 poorer. Really needed to go shopping though, hadn't been in at least a month.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today's 10k
I felt pretty good after my sixteen mile run on Saturday. On Monday I did an easy 5.3 miles at running group at 8:59/mile. I was feeling pretty good at the turnaround for five miles and most of the group went onward to the seven mile turnaround, but I made myself stop at five. That was really hard to do so I am proud of myself for taking it easy!

Wednesday run group I was feeling so good I decided to turn it into a speed run. The attendance at this run was pretty sparse, probably 14 people or so, and none of the fast people. So I ended up "winning" this group run. Not really as impressive as it sounds, I averaged 8:05, but I took off during the last two miles and knocked out a 7:43 and then a 7:26 final mile.

Today's run was an adventure. I decided I was going to run a new 10k route, so I browsed around my house on Google Maps. A park marked with trails I hadn't been to caught my eye and it was only a mile away. Hyland Forest Park. Then, I found a pedestrian trail right nearby the park that was 1/3 of a mile long (kind of just wandered between people's backyards (all fenced). So I could run the length of that and back for 2/3rds of a mile. Combine that with a lap at the park (.75 miles) and you can add the distance up pretty quick.
Hyland Forest Park

The way there was all uphill, so that first mile was killer, but a good way to warm up if you just took it easy. Once I hit the park I was very surprised with how much I liked it. Reminded me a lot of Little Woodrose Nature Park by the house I grew up in. Nice narrow dirt/gravel trails through a beautiful woodsy area. Will be great for sunny days as an option to get out of the heat.

I ended up doing two laps of the park and that pedestrian trail. Wandered my way home and hit a 10k. Averaged 8:56/mile but hit a 8:22 on the last mile. Trail running always is a bit slower and I felt like I was running faster than what my time reflected. Really enjoyed this run!

On an unrelated topic, as a huge Trader Joe's fan, I found this website ( and had a ton of fun browsing the products. I think it will come in handy when I find something there and am iffy about buying it (aka every single time).

Sunday, May 12, 2013


The old railroad trestle part of my sixteen mile run on the Banks-Vernonia Trail.
Saturday morning I woke up around 7am to get ready to volunteer at the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in Hillsboro, OR. I swung by and picked Libbie up and we were at our post around 8:15am. The first runners came about 8:40am. We were stationed at part of an out and back, so we were at miles 6.5 and 9.2, directing runners down the right roads.

It was fun! After a couple hours I was ready to be done though, but this race is very non-competitive so there were a TON of walkers, which was great, some of them just took a really long time to matriculate their way down the course. So we ended up being there about three hours, but finally all the competitors passed us. It was fun to call out encouragement and have them respond. Would like to volunteer again but next time I'll bring sunscreen cause I got a little burnt!

After we were done volunteering we drove about 20 minutes to the Buxton Trailhead of the Banks-Vernonia Trail. The trail is a 21 mile long paved multi-use path from the small towns of Banks to Vernonia. It passes through the forest along an old railroad track that was decommissioned because it was no longer in use. The state bought the land beneath the tracks and converted it to a path instead, resulting in a very smooth, beautiful trek through the forest. At one point you are running on an old trestle up high in the trees... really awesome!

My plan for sixteen miles involved running from the Buxton Trailhead where we parked to the Tophill Trailhead 5.5 miles north and back. As the name implies, it is at the top of the hill, but the incline is very gradual. Not very noticable at all, but you can tell it's there. Anyways, I set off doing about 9:45s and did NOT feel fresh at all. During those first 5.5 miles I thought there was no way I could do 16 miles. I felt creaky, used, and worn.

I took a small break after reaching the trailhead and stretched out. After about a minute I started back toward the car and felt much better. Seriously those 5.5 miles were a dream. I think the decline on the way back really helped. All of a sudden I felt like I could do 16 miles. The way back felt so much faster (and it was, my splits were about 20 seconds faster per mile).

My body started to feel a bit tired once I hit the car again, about 11.5 miles into my run. I took a break for a few minutes and drank a ton of water and Gatorade and then also ate a Gu. That recharged me a little bit and I went out for the final out and back, the other way this time.

Around about a half marathon my body wanted to be done but I was able to chug on pretty comfortably. It was 82 outside but the trail was very shaded so most the run was in a very nice 72 degree forest with no direct sunlight. However, the tail end of this out and back went through the middle of a field that really did expose me to the sun which sucked because it was HOT.

I did a little celebration at 15.4 miles because each step was now my longest run ever. Wohoo! After that my body really started to complain and things were starting to get a little painful. I made myself chug until the start of the trestle and then stopped and walked the length to just enjoy it. Once that was over I headed back to the car which wasn't far away.

My muscles were screaming but I was able to stretch them out and they didn't hurt too bad. Felt much, much better than after my previous longest run, 15.4 miles last June. That run really fucked me up for a few days after but I am already recovering much better from this run. I am writing this post on Sunday night and I can tell my legs are pretty much recovered. If I went to run they would feel heavy and whatnot, but they don't ache or hurt anymore. I'll take it easy at run group tomorrow and shake them out.

Anyways, it was a really cool run because the trail was awesome and new to me and it also was a huge achievement, my longest run ever! I used to set longest runs all the time last year but this was my first for 11 months. I'll set a couple more on my marathon training, but for now I'll take this one as a very successful training run. Total time was 2:32:51.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


This weekend I'll be volunteering at the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in Hillsboro, OR. It is an all-women's event that I've heard about many times before as it is put on by one of the owners of the store where I do my group runs. They also put on the Helvetia Half Marathon, which is how I ended up volunteering for this race.

At the Rum Run in the beer garden I mused to someone in my running group that I'd like to run Helvetia but didn't know if I could justify the cost of ANOTHER half marathon (I just did one in Corvallis and also signed up for one on the 4th of July). She mentioned that they were still looking for volunteers for the Hippie Chick and that I could get a comped entry if I volunteered. So I signed up to volunteer!

I've been meaning to volunteer for a while, not just to get a free race but also give back a little. It looks really fun to do and it is a way of giving back to all those people that volunteer at my races and help keep the costs down. So I am looking forward to Saturday and then also volunteering in the future. Getting a free race out of it won't be necessary criteria for me to volunteer, but it doesn't hurt. ;)

Me and Libbie (she's volunteering too!) will be stationed around mile nine of the half marathon course and will be directing runners to turn on a certain road and stay to the left shoulder. So basically we'll just be standing there waving them in the right place and saying the same thing over and over. Along with lots of encouragement! Mile nine is definitely when people start to really feel it during a half marathon so hopefully we can put a pep in their step! I know a couple of people running the race so it will be fun to see them too.

What I didn't really think about was that I would be on my feet for five hours or so on what is looking to be a very hot day (sunny, with a high of 82). I then want to do my long run for this weekend, which clocks in at 16 miles. The good news is I am planning to run the Banks-Vernonia Trail, which is about 20 minutes from my house and through the woods, so it's nice and shaded. The bad news is my legs might be tired from all the standing and it's going to be hot. Hopefully the shade is sufficient and my legs won't mind the standing around.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Oh Fanno Creek, what would I do without you?
Yesterday I ran my second longest run ever at 14 miles. I ran 15.4 miles last summer on a whim but I really wasn't ready for it at the time. I was ready for 14 miles this time, it was just .9 miles more than a half marathon and I got those down pat!

The main obstacle today was the heat. It got to a high of 85 today, crazy for this time of year. I actually got out the door shortly after 10am but as soon as I stepped outside I knew I was in for a long run. It was already 72 and it felt hotter! I reminded myself to just take it easy and not speed up because I knew the pace I was going at would feel too easy.

Honestly there was nothing super unique about this run. Luckily I had some shade in parts so I wasn't completely in the sun all the time. I basically did the same run as my twelve miler last weekend but just added part of the Fanno Creek Trail south of 99W.

The water fountain at 5.35 and 8.35 miles (same one) was my saving grace. I stopped each way and drank a bunch and then also splashed water all over my face. Helped me stay cool and hydrated. I could have really used a water fountain from miles 11-14 too though. Kind of got dehydrated there at the end but not too bad.

Ate a Gu around mile 7... Lemon Sublime. It wasn't sublime. It was okay though. It got really warm in my pocket and that really didn't help the 'snot' feeling I got as it slid down my throat. Yuck, anyways...

I did feel bad passing this one girl on Murray Road (busy road). She was running on the sidewalk totally jamming to some music and as I went to pass her she FREAKED out as soon as I got in her eye line. I felt bad for sneaking up on her and freaking her out (she almost about screamed) but that's what she gets for jamming to an iPod along a busy road... people are going to pass you from time to time! Maybe I am just really creepy?

Miles 12-14 I really wanted to stop and pause. I could duck under a tree, pause my workout, and nobody would know. I really, really wanted to do that. It took every ounce of me not too. It was friggin' hot as hell! Anyways, I was able to power on and my pace actually stayed pretty close to the same towards the end. I was happy to get it over with though and stopped right at 14 miles.

All told I did 14 miles in 2:10:24 for an average mile pace of 9:19. Not mad for a 14 mile run in the heat! It was 79 degrees when I finished around 12:15pm.

Splits: 9:09, 8:59, 8:57, 9:10, 9:11, 9:32, 9:17, 9:26, 9:22, 9:24, 9:17, 9:43, 9:19, 9:29.

Friday, May 03, 2013


The usual 10k route.
I wasn't planning on posting again until after my 14 mile run this weekend, but I wanted to do a quick post about my training run yesterday. To sum it up in two words... nailed it!

I did my usual 10k route from my house, nothing special there. If you remember, where I live tends to be a little hilly, so this wasn't a flat 10k. All told my 10k route has about 750 feet each of elevation gain/loss. That doesn't mean there is a 750 foot hill, but say you go up a 100 foot hill twice. That would be 200 feet of elevation gain/loss.

The first mile really sets the tone for the whole run. I was feeling pretty good so I decided I would do a "comfortably fast" pace and then go from there. If that first mile came in at 8:10 or so, I would just settle in and try to hit 8:20 averages. No pressure. Well, of course, the first mile comes in at 7:44. At this point I have no other option than to try to run all six miles under 8:00. Anything else is failure.

So after that first mile, I was determined to do sub 8 throughout that whole run. Bring back some of that mythical "Old Thomas the Speedster" from last summer. I kept my pace up and was definitely pressing myself. This wasn't an easy run, I wanted to slow down, but I kept telling myself it was good training. You need tough runs if you are going to meet your goals, so this was all part of the buildup to my marathon.

Bert Macklin Thomas Graf, you crafty son of a bitch.
Felt like Bert after solving a case (Parks & Rec fans only)
Ends up I managed to hit my goal... barely. Last couple miles were touch and go, but I was able to do them. Since I don't have a "lap pace" display I didn't really know how I was doing on that particular mile until it was over, so those last couple were kind of lucky. Anyways, I really pushed myself and it kind of sucked during the run but I felt so great after. Recovered very nicely today too.

Splits: 7:44, 7:52, 7:43, 7:51, 7:59, 7:58. 7:54/mile average.

Just nice to have one of those "Boom!" runs once in a while. Otherwise I typically settle into more of an 8:40 type pace, which on a hilly course, is plenty fast.

Thursday, May 02, 2013


Medal for age division 1st place in a 5k? Yes, please!
With nothing major on the horizon for a while other than training and a 10k in a couple weeks, I figured now would be a good time to muse about something I've thought about before. The topic at hand: race medals. The issue: proliferation to all running events, almost becoming an expected "item" as you cross the finish line.

Let me start off by saying that I realize I probably have a different relationship with medals than some people. They can be fun, I like them (for example, that Corvallis medal rocked), but I don't really think about them. When I sign up for an event, at no time do I even think "I wonder what the medal looks like?" Frankly, it has no impact whatsoever on my enjoyment of the events. So when I get emails from races bragging about their medals or to sign up for this related race because 'look at the large huckleberry medal you get' I just have to laugh. A medal is not going to convince me.

It is part of the bigger problem of what I call "race inflation," where a 5k race can now run you $40 or even more. Some of these events are just out of control. Everyone gets a t-shirt, a medal, free beer, free food, a goodie bag, live entertainment, etc. Now, I like some of those things too, but I also like a race that is, you know, a race. Earlier this year I did the Zena Road Runs 15k. That was an awesome race! There were no t-shirts (maybe it was an option, but you could option out), no medals, just a race with food afterwards. It was $10! Ten bucks!

Now, I like a mix of more spartan (but very well put on) races like Zena and more "full featured" races like the Earth Day run with t-shirt and beer and whatnot. At no time though do I really want a medal for anything less than a half marathon. Frankly, after a half marathon, I want a goddamn medal. :) I will wear my Portland Marathon medal proudly this fall if I don't die first. However, I don't want a medal for every 5k or 10k that I do. Leave them for the special races.

Random ass medal just for funsies? No thanks!

I also realize that a 5k is a HUGE accomplishment to a lot of people and I shouldn't poo poo them wanting a medal because they've really earned that. I get that too. So it's hard. Just like the "3.1" sticker I saw on a car the other day. I wanted to LOL, but then I thought, "you know what, that probably means a lot to that person and they worked really hard for it" and then kind of felt like an ass. Just because I am holding out for the 26.2 doesn't mean everyone has too.

Anyways, everyone can be happy. I will steer clear of the Color Runs, the Electric Runs, and the Fifty Dollar 5K with Tons of Shit races of the world. Those runs can be "gateways" for a lot of people, get their feet wet in running, and then who knows, in a year they might be a race snob too. Or people who just like running for fun and don't want to get uber serious about it, those are perfect for them. They have no need for a Zena 15k.

My perfect race:
  • Official results at the race and then posted online within 24 hours
  • Tech t-shirt where purchase is optional
  • Well organized (before, during, & after)
  • Not predominantly an out and back
  • Food to refuel afterwards
  • Medal if a half marathon or greater
  • If there is a beer garden, give me a free one before charging
  • Manage the size well. Use pace signs or corrals to reduce congestion
  • Reasonably priced!
  • Free puppies
Okay, the scope of this post went from race medals to "race inflation" in general, but oh well.

Running 14 miles this weekend. Will do basically the same route as last time with a few modifications to add two miles. I'm boring like that. Supposed to be hot, so the water fountain in Woodard City Park will be handy and I'll have to take it easy.