Monday, October 31, 2005

That's about all that needs to be said for this weekend. Matt Moore threw 6 interceptions and fumbled the ball with a minute to go while we were in field goal range. So fuck you Matt Moore... redeem yourself at Washington.

Meanwhile, I just took my Astronomy midterm. I'm thinking a B... maybe A. I made some educated guesses on a few, so we'll see how those pan out. Overall it was harder than I anticipated.

Tomorrow I have my math midterm from 6:00pm to 7:20pm. It's going to suck. According to various people, this professor's midterms are incredibly hard... so that will be a party.

Looks like President Bush nominated another douchebag to the Supreme Court. The next few weeks should be interesting.

Today is Halloween. I don't care anymore because I don't get free candy.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Last weekend the Beavers beat #18 California on the road, so that was good.

But then this weekend they got stomped 51-28 by #8 UCLA, so that wasn't so good. It was to be expected though, so that's okay. They still have four wins and only need to win two of the next four to become bowl eligible for the fourth straight year.

College has been going good. I had my first midterm last week and scored 96/100... but it was "Families in Modern America" not Calculus or anything. That will own me. I can feel it.

Today I went and saw both Grandmas (went back to Tualatin for the weekend). They both enjoyed the company and it was good to actually drive again. Especially when the gas is free.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Great Kenny Experiment: Day IV

He actually did the bottle recycling and cardboard about two hours after I posted the first day's report. Yesterday, after I got trash bags the night before and handily set them next to the trash, he took out the trash. So, the result of my experiment: four days. Not bad. I now shall commence trying to get the trash out before it overflows so much you can't even tie the bag shut.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Great Kenny Experiment: Day I

Well so far I've been the only one to take out the trash, recycle bottles, etc. So I'm going to let the shit pile up and see how long it takes Kenny to do anything about it.

Also notice the three shoebox sized cardboard boxes piled near the trash can. All his. Did I mention I had to empty the trash last time and couldn't even close the plastic bag it was so packed? Oh, and I had to get a new plastic bag four days later after nothing happened. Watch for day two, this could get interesting.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Last Saturday I went to the Oregon State football game against the Washington State Cougars. The first half was shaping up a lot like the Arizona State game. We were getting lit up like no other in the secondary, the offense couldn't punch it in the endzone, and the Cougs looked like they were going to embarrass us.

Then came the second half. Something happened... the CBs started looking for the ball, the offense started to roll.. and the Cougs couldn't handle the pressure. Playing cupcakes (games that are essentially over at halftime) does not prepare you for Pac-10 play.

When Sabby picked off that pass and took it to the house for a TD, the Beavers were back. We were going to win. I could feel it. The crowd came alive, and the once lifeless Beavers were jumping up and down on the sideline.

The Hass 63 yard touchdown bomb. Wow. I thought Moore was going to be sacked and you could almost hear the collective groan of Beaver Nation. But no, Moore jukes Derting and LAUNCHES the ball downfield. Everyone takes a breath... silence. The ball falls into Hass' hands and all hell breaks loose. Holy crapola, the Beavers lead 37-33. Just watching the crowd in the background of that replay... wow. The place exploded.

The Beaver defense then clamps down and stops the Cougs with a few INTs. Reser was rocking ala Boise State towards the end and with the 10 yard QB sneak, the game is offically over. The east side gives the "croc chomp" right back to the Cougar crowd as time runs out.

Another great come from behind win. It looked so dim at halftime, but what an electric second half. The most exciting half of football I've seen since the 98 Civil War. Great game to attend, once that I will never forget.

Oregon State 44, Washington State 33