Sunday, May 28, 2006

Poor guy.

BERLIN (Reuters) - A swan has fallen in love with a plastic swan-shaped paddle boat on a pond in the German town of Muenster and has spent the past three weeks flirting with the vessel five times its size, a sailing instructor said Friday.

Peter Overschmidt, who operates a sailing school and rents the two-seat paddle boat on the Aasee pond, said the black swan with a bright red beak has not left the white swan boat's side since it flew in one day in early May.

"It seems like he's fallen in love," said Overschmidt. "He protects it, sits next to it all the time and chases away any sail boats that get anywhere nearby. He thinks the boat is a strong and attractive swan."

Overschmidt said the swan will figure it out sooner or later but hopes he won't be too heartbroken.

"I'll wish him all the best and hope that he doesn't make the same mistake again," said Overschmidt."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Last week was pretty hectic. Let me give you a run-down of what I had to do:

- Woke up at 10:30, went to classes until 2:00
- Came back and wrote an essay about Tupac. 5 pages.
- Got done with the essay at about 5:00 and had an astronomy test at 6:00
- Took astronomy test.
- After test (6:45ish) had lunch in the MU. Met up with a friend to study for economics midterm the next day.
- Studied until about 9:00.
- Came back to the room and looked over the essay.
- Finally relaxed for an hour or two before going to bed.

- Woke up at 10:30 again to turn in essay.
- After turning in essay met someone for lunch. Had lunch.
- After lunch I studied a bit with a friend who was in the class for microeconomics.
- Took microeconomics test. I thought I was screwed, didn't understand it. Think I got an A or B on it though.

So that's that. All in all I think I did pretty good on the two tests and one essay. Felt very relieved once I was all done. Felt pretty good actually, because I was like "how the hell am I going to get this all done?" and it ended up going well, so yay.

Turns out I got 188/200 on the Astronomy test (just checked). So yay.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So last weekend everyone went home, except me and my friend Laurel really.

On Friday night we went to the Olive Garden in Eugene for dinner. There was a wait (as per usual), so we decided to go to the local pet store. Well we got into the pet store but then our table pager thing starts belting out this crappy sounding Italian music of some sort. So we rush back thinking we had a table (so quick!). Turns out we went out of the beepers range, so it plays that wonderful music to let you know when you venture too far. After that we stuck around the building and finally got called.

For dinner I had a Caesar salad and it was good. Nothing like Pizzacato or Sal's though. The breadsticks were good however... the only reason most people go to Olive Garden in the first place. Oh well.

After that we drove around a little bit and she showed me Eugene (where she grew up). I even got to venture on to the U of O campus a little and watch her play DDR.

On Saturday night we were all out of ideas for something to do. So we settled on going exploring in the Lebanon Wal-Mart. Remember, I hate Wal-Mart with a passion because they are a really shitty company, but Laurel managed to drag me into two of them in two nights. All they do is shave like 15 cents off the price so its $19.84 instead of $19.99. Apparently it works though. I dunno... it's still basically selling your soul to the devil to shop there. Oops.

The SuperCenter was really massive and had just about everything you could imagine. Things I learned:

1) All "SuperCenters" have a McDonalds.
2) You can order from said McDonalads at the cash register and have your food ready when you arrive.
3) SuperCenters have groceries (scary...)
4) The people that work there look really depressed.

So anyways, that was my weekend. How was yours?

Friday, May 19, 2006

I've been meaning to write because it is so bloody hot.

On Monday temperatures hit 92 degrees here in Corvallis, more than shattering the previous record of 86. It was HOT. At first it was kinda like, "awesome, summer is here!" but then you get back to the dorm room and it's like eighty degrees in there. And then you walk to your classes and are sweaty and hot by the time you get there. And then all your classes are stuffy and hot. And then the Country Store keeps their water fridge at 60 degrees! Sixty! WTF? That's like room temperature!

Since then the days have continued to be hot. High 80s. Think it hit 88 today. For the first time in like.... seven months I'm glad it's going to be raining soon. This weekend looks overcast and drizzly. So that will be a nice break. I did enjoy the heat though... I am a summer type of guy, but this was too much, too fast. Oregonians need to be eased into such weather... a week or two in the seventies, then move into the eighties, then maybe venture into the ninties. Hit a hundred and it's front page news.

And that's why Celcius system sucks. You can't hit 100. What a cool number. No you hit like, freaking, 34 or something. Wow.

Okay, actually the Celcius system makes a lot more sense than Farenhiet. But its like 2:30am, my dorm room is hot as hell, I'm in my boxers on top of my bed with a ridiculously hot burning laptop on my belly, and I am dreading going to sleep. Because I'm going to get hot and sweaty and be uncomfortable. Right now I'm laying with a FROZEN BOTTLE OF WATER on my chest. Cold? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Once the body numbs, it feels quite good.

Anywho, that's that.

I got a 31 out of 35 on my last Anthropoly midterm! Yay! I got a little worse on my first one. So I think I can pull a "B" in that class. For a while I was seriously thinking of S/Uing it. The topic just doesn't interest me AT ALL. Okay, a little. But I'm lazy and it's not enough to make me care. Plus, the course is kinda set up where you really have to pay attention to detail, and I don't like doing that. Anyways with a decent final and paper I should pull a B and maybe move into B+/A- territory.

My projected grades this term:

History- B+ thru A
Anthro- B thru A-
P.E.- A
Economics- B thru A (got A on first midterm, but getting much harder)
Astronomy- A- thru A

I'm thinking 3 A's and 2 B's or 4 A's and 1 B. I will get a B in Anthro almost for sure. I think I have an A in my future for History. Economics is the wild card.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last night I went to the movie "Thank You For Smoking" with Laurel. It was pretty funny but a little too short. I recommend renting it on DVD when it comes out (probably like two months knowing movies these days. Remember how it used to take like two years?).

Afterwards we went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a piece of cheesecake. I ended up getting a chocolate coconut piece and it was so damn delicious you cannot even begin to imagine it. Okay, maybe you can. It was like a German Chocolate cake... except cheesecake. It was death and I felt sick afterwards but it was well worth it.

Oh, and the Bridgeport Cinemas is kinda crazy. Really big and they decorated it like a Roman temple or something. They had a discount for students though so my ticket was only $7.00. The seats were also really nice and reclined slightly and had the lice-guard headrests, which are always a plus.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I came home this weekend for Mother's Day. My sister and I are going to make my mom brunch at my sister's new house. So that should be fun. I'm eager to see the house and she seems really excited about it.

Speaking of housing changes, we have been looking at apartments for next year. I think we may live at Spring Creek, it's pretty nice and $690 a month for a 2 bedroom. It also is the third most reccomended apartment complex in Corvallis on, so I think it will be a good cool. The floor plan is really nice and spacious. We looked at another complex and despite being the same amount of square footage, it seemed way more cramped.

That means no more living on campus. Obviously a small room shared with two people isn't the best, but it was nice to be so close to everything. Baseball games, softball games, basketball games... oh and class of course. This new complex is right on the busline though, so I'll probably ride the bus to campus most days. I'll also bring my car so that will be an option too. I just hope I keep going to the softball games and stuff, because they are pretty fun.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Okay, I'm a terrible person, I know. Ooops. "I'll post something tomorrow..." Oh well. I've finally set some time aside to make a post so here goes.

What to talk about? I guess I haven't been posting much because life has become so much of a routine. Nothing interesting has really happened. I guess I'll tell you about my intramural soccer team.

We joined up with another group of people (non-Muskrats) but the Muskrat tradition of losing has continued. So far we have lost three games, won zero. Our losses were 1-3, 0-2, and 1-3. So at last we are somewhat competative. It's not the Muskrats though... the spirit just isn't there. Can't wait until basketball season next year... the Muskrats shall return.

What else? I got a 91 on my history midterm which I thought I was screwed for, so yay me. Got 94 on my Astronomy midterm... 92 on Econ. So things have been going so far this term. Hopefully I can pull out a few more "A"s and a few less "A-"s.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I'll post something later today. It's 2:30am and I need to go to bed right now. Last week was pretty hectic... I had two midterms and had to study really hard for one of them. I was pretty stressed but thankfully I am pretty sure I did well on the midterm. So yes... no midterms until next week. I need to read about, oh, 300 pages to prepare for that one. Eh, I'll start tomorrow.