Monday, June 05, 2017


To follow up on the dosage issue, my pharmacy is "special" and has been under filling my prescription but won't admit it or realize their mistake. I think I'll be switching to the local Walgreen's. It's plainly obvious that the prescription is for two vials of 2mL of MTX. Safeway, however, is reading the "Qty: 2" as one vial of 2mL. Literally the bottle fucking says:

Description: 2mL methotrexate (25mg/1 mL)
Qty: 2

Aka, two vials, enough for five weeks of treatment.

Like when you get a pill, it would say:

Description: 10mg Fuckadex™
Qty: 30

And that would be your monthly prescription of once daily Fuckadex™, not 10 pills.

Same level of expertise as the local
Safeway pharmacy.
ANYWAYS. Completely stupid and confirmed with my rheumatology office as so. So that's pretty annoying.

Meanwhile, the injections are going okay. I managed to bruise myself two weeks ago but last week I did it much smoother. I think I was trying to jam it in too quick and went at too deep of an angle. Anyways, it's still not pleasant but it's entirely doable. I'm still monitoring whether or not I get fatigue as a result of the injections. Sometimes it definitely feels like it but then again I could also blame it only getting like six hours of sleep (not enough for me).

As for the results... still in a "wait and see" type of deal. I was able to hike around all Memorial Day weekend and feel pretty okay. If anything it was my out of shape muscles that complained and were sore. The knees haven't been a huge issue in a while. That doesn't mean they are feeling great though. A couple times hiking I could definitely tell the power and flexibility is not where it needs to be. In places where before I would just bound in one step, I'd take three smaller steps to avoid bending my knee in a certain way or request too much "power" from it.

Right now I'm seeing how active I can be without causing issues. I'm trying to be active enough where I can do something and not get super sore from it. So I'm trying to exercise enough to get to that point. When your legs are sore from a three mile run it's hard to tell just how "recovered" you knees are. So hopefully I'll really be able to monitor the knees here soon. They still have a long ways to go before they are anywhere back to normal but at least I'm somewhat functional.