Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, let's tell you about my classes this term!

SOC 205- Sociology course on "Institutions and Social Change". Basically we learn about the various institutions in our society (Family, Religion, Economy, etc) and how they shape and control us and how they can be changed over time. It's been really interesting because the class gets into discussions and debates and it's not your normal sit down and take notes type of fare.
Grade Outlook: A, A-, B+

SOC 206- Sociology course on "Social Problems and Issues". Basically a class on stuff that is fucked up in our country. Very interesting material, we learn about ageism, sexism, homophobia, etc. We don't have the debates like the Sociology class above but the material is still really interesting. It is a little dumbed down because there are a bunch of students there just trying to fill a "Difference Power and Diversity" requirement and this course will do that for them.
Grade Outlook: A, A-, B+

BA 230- "Business Law". Oh my God, shoot me please. It's a class on just what it sounds like. Unfortunately, this stuff doesn't interest me at all but its a pretty labor intensive course. Get me out of here.
Grade Outlook: A-, B+, B

HDFS 240- "Human Sexuality". I took this course just for fun. I love it, not only is it interesting, it's fun to see the religious and conservative people squirm when the professor talks openly about anal sex, the prevalence of premarital sex, and contraception (gasp!). The class has like 400 people in it and is held in an auditorium... so that has its good and bad points. It is fun to see what everyone thinks on various subjects though and we often have polls and stuff (everyone has a remote that they can answer questions with).
Grade Outlook: A

PAC 260- "Tennis I". Almost dropped this at the beginning of the year because it seemed so simple and stupid. But I have to admit, starting from the beginning and actually learning how to properly do all the strokes did help. I think I am now a much better tennis player than when I started. In the last few weeks we have been playing actual matches so that has helped spice things up and I pretty much enjoy the class.
Grade Outlook: A

Oh, and I declared my minor and major, in case you were wondering.

Major: Business Administration
Focus: Finance
Minor: Sociology

Bada bing!

Monday, May 14, 2007

"Hi, I know everyone's been getting alot of e-mail's about SOC notes, but I also was wondering if anyone had any notes i could use....At my sorority my computer was in my room and someone's drunken friend pissed on my computer and broke it.....anyways i always take my notes on i so i'm kinda screwed so i would really appreciate it. thanks."

- E-Mail received from the mailing list of the SOC 205 class. Man some people are either really unlucky or really terrible at lying.