Sunday, January 29, 2006

Current Top 10 Sports Events Attended:

1. 2004 Civil War, Oregon at Oregon State
2. 2006 Women's Basketball Civil War, Oregon at Oregon State
3. 2003 NBA Playoffs, Mavericks at Blazers, Game 6
4. 2005 High School Girl's Basketball Playoffs, Tualatin at Lincoln
5. 2005 College Football, Washington State at Oregon State
6. 2005 College Football, Boise State at Oregon State
7. 2005 College Basketball, UNLV at Oregon State
8. 2005 NBA Basketball, Lakers at Blazers
9. 2004 College Football, USC at Oregon State
10. 1997 Men's World Cup Qualifying, Costa Rica vs. USA

So as you can see, that women's Civil War game was pretty memorable. Just had an urge to make a list or something, and this idea came up. Also to stress the awesomeness of that game.

The men's team sucks. That's all I got to say. I've stopped caring. Literally, they could lose out and I wouldn't give a shit. Well not true. They MUST beat Oregon. No exceptions. For that one game I will care, and I plan to lose my voice. FTD!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Lady Beavs beat Ducks 63-61 in Civil War

Had an absolute blast at the women's basketball game Wednesday against the Oregon Ducks. It was of course, the Civil War, a very fierce rivalry between Oregon State and Oregon. Anyways, lately the Ducks have been dominating in basketball and the Beavers program has been on the decline. This year they've begun to climb out of the trenches though with the hiring of LaVonda Wagner as coach. Last year they were 1-17 in conference and they've already posted 3-6 so far this year.

The attendence for the game was 3021, highest for the girl's so far this year (and the Civil War usually is). The crowd was loud and into it throughout the entire game and about 100 or so Duck fans also made the journey. Me, Stephen, and Phil stood up the entire game and basically made asses of ourselves in the south endzone. Started numerous "Defense!" chants, made noise when Oregon had the ball even though we were the only ones doing it, yelling at good plays/bad plays/bad calls, etc. I almost lost my voice by the end. I haven't lost my voice this much for any of the men's basketball games.

It also came to our realization that this was our first Civil War game attended as a student. We didn't go to any in the fall (just volleyball and soccer really) so this was offically the first. I did go to the Civil War football game last year, but that wasn't as a student. Anyways, once we realized that, we wanted it even more. Let's just say in anything against the Ducks, you want to win really, really bad. This was no exception.

The game was neck and neck the whole way, going back and forth. A typical Civil War game in all respects, tightly contested, tempers flaring, fans into it, band rocking, etc. Way better than ANY men's basketball game I went to this year.

Oregon has the ball up by 1, 61-60, with thirty seconds left to play. They drain the clock to about ten seconds then feed it inside to their center (who tore us up) but she missed the shot. Beavs grab the ball and Mandy Close, the point guard, takes off downcourt looking for the win. The Beavers had a timeout but chose not to use it, much like against Washington State. Seven seconds left...

...before I tell you what happened I'll tell you about Saturday's game against Washington State a little bit more. Went into overtime. Mandy close had the ball and drove to the hoop for the winning bucket with two seconds left. Gill was going crazy (over 2000 people that night)....

...can she do it again? She crosses over, takes it to the hoop hard. Gets fouled.... lets the ball go. Everything is going in slow motion. The ball kisses off the backboard and falls through the net. Bedlam. This is quite possibly the most I have EVER freaked out. I'm talking jumping up and down uncontrollably, screaming, pumping my fists, slapping high fives with people around me, almost toppling over the edge of the balcony crazy. It was awesome.

Gill was absolutly roaring with noise. Close hits the free throw. Beavs up 63-61. Duck have no timeouts. They inbound the ball and heave a halfcourt shot at the buzzer... not even close. BEAVERS WIN! Everyone starts to freak out again, as the Beavers finally beat the Ducks in awesome fashion. Some people stormed the court but we weren't really close enough to do that. It was okay though, we were more than happy to celebrate and bounce along to the fight song.

In summation, the game was FREAKING AWESOME.

Here are some goodies for you:

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sorry I haven't updated, I swore I did a couple of days ago but maybe I dreamed about it. I'll update tomorrow hopefully... not much has happened really but I guess a few things.

Tonight we had a party for my friend who turned 19. It was at Stephen's and Arman's house. It was pretty fun. Before the party we went out to dinner at Local Boys, which has really good Hawaiian style food. After that me and Phil drug everybody to the girl's basketball game and it turned out to be really good. They are pretty fun to attend so we're going to go to them as well as the men's. They aren't very good but they hustle and everything so it's easy to cheer for them.

So yes, I will update tomorrow (or today I guess) but right now I kinda need to drink some water and go to bed if you know what I mean...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Beavers upset #24 Arizona 75-65

Had a blast last night at the Beavers basketball game. They were playing Arizona, the perennial Pac-10 powerhouse team in basketball. They struggled at the beginning of the year and fallen out of the top 25, however they climbed back into the polls after winning eight of their last nine games. Wins over Arizona have been far and few between, so a victory against them is extra sweet.

The game started out great for the Beavers, who jumped ontop of the Wildcats 14-0. Yup, fourteen to zero with four minutes gone in the first half. They continued to play well and despite a little burp at the end of the half were up 41-24.

Gill Coliseum was going absolutly nuts. I was in the student section of course, which was very loud and rowdy, making the game all that much more fun. The rest of the people were into it as well, giving the Beavs numerous loud standing ovations for their effort. All in all there were about 8400 people in there, which is pretty good for the Beavs. This weekends game could top the 9000 mark.

The second half started out well too, with the Beavers upping their lead to 22 point. That's where it all began to fall apart. They went into "conservative mode," playing not to lose rather than to win. Arizona's amazing athletes started to realize they could just drive to the hoop and score. Fourteen painful minutes later it was all tied up at 61. Beavs finally scored to make it 63-61. Arizona scored again to make it 63-63. Then it was all over. Beavers finally started to execute again and rolled to a 75-65 victory.

Students rushed the court, including me. Mosh pitted around the players. It was fun. Might have seen me if you were watching Fox Sports Arizona. The basketball team is looking good after struggling at first, so maybe the winter tuition will be worth it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So, what you ask, did I do over Winter Break? Well besides going home to decent food and my own room, I worked at Precision Wire again. I was offically hired to "spearhead" the move of Inventory upstairs. Right now Inventory is on the production floor in a cage, so it's taking up valuble space that could be used for machines. Apparently we grew 40% next year, so we needed to really expand our production capability.

Basically they are converting a large storage room to the new cube farm/inventory. It is located upstairs. The plan was for me to clear the area so they could build the new room and then help to move Inventory up there once they had finished.

I started on the Monday after finals week. Kathy, the head of inventory, also commissioned me to design the new layout of the Inventory area. So I was given the blueprints to the new upstairs and told to design the new inventory. That was the fun part... moving crap wasn't. I spent most of that week surveying the new area and plotting what I would do with it. Towards the end of the week I began to clear the area so the contractors would be able to build. By Friday I had much of the area cleared, however I was told I didn't need to be finished by the following Friday.

When I come in on Monday I am told that I needed to be finished by Wednesday, as the contractor was able to build earlier. Okay, whatever, I still have two days right? Wrong. I get upstairs to start moving some of the old cubicles (heavy as hell) and am instructed by the head hancho of the company that it needs to be cleared by today. Wha? So basically it went from five days to one day in about an hour or so.

Anyways, they got a team of workers from the machine shop and we were able to clear the area by the deadline. This area was basically filled with old crap... old computers, old boxes, old desks... basically their dumping ground. And we just shoved it into another corner was all. Work on the new inventory area began on time on Tuesday.

The rest of that week I continued to design the new inventory area. You must be thinking this took a really long time? Well, a few complications occurced that needed to be resolved. They varied from the blueprint somewhat and introduced some pipes/beam into the new area. So I had to take that into account. Besides, I was doing it in ZModeler... that's right. Might seem cheese-o-licious to you all but they were very impressed at PWC (basically because they could twirl it around in 3-D).

The next week was shortened to three days due to Christmas and New Years... so I just helped out in inventory and did random projects. Last week they completed construction on the new rooms so I helped hang some shelves and stuff like that. They weren't able to move Inventory yet, so that will take place sometime in the next few months. Oh well, I didn't like that manual labor crap anyways.

Here are some pics:

3-D view of the new inventory.

Top view of the new inventory.

So yeah, basically that's it. Next summer when/if I work there I'm going to be sure it's something a little more interesting and not just random jobs/projects/move-this shit-over-here/throw-this-crap-away/shine-my-shoes, etc, etc, etc.

Friday, January 06, 2006

You want some news don't you? You're clamoring over the "refresh" button all day just waiting for the latest update. Well, you asked for it.

Today I woke up at 7:45am to go to the dermatologist. To get warts frozen off again! Yay! You may remember the ordeal from before, however it was much worse this time. NINE OF THEM. Owwwwwwww it hurt. So as I am typing right now, I have nine individual blisters on my hand, full of fluid, ready to burst (well, one already did). So there's a happy picture for you.

Right after the wart appointment I had to drive with damaged hands over to the ortho so my retainer could be adjusted. So that was fun as well. Then after that I went to work. I guess I haven't mentioned I've worked at PWC again this whole winter break? Ooops. I was planning a post on it but kept spacing it. I will post about it soon.

As for college football, USC got too cocky and full of themselves. Texas played their hearts out and frankly deserved to win. Officiating was horrible and may have gave them that win, but oh well. Would like to see the Pac-10 supported, but at least a west-coast team won in and UT is located in Austin, which is one place in Texas I do like.