Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well, let's give the wisdom teeth report. It wasn't very bad at all. I went in at 8:00am, got the debriefing from the doc, then had the surgery.

He basically said I came in at a perfect time, my wisdom teeth were in great position and hadn't created roots yet. Once you hit 22-25 years old your wisdom teeth lay big roots like molars and surface. Most people don't have room and this cause a lot of pain. Also if you take them out at this stage, you're playing very close to a nerve and often times it's bruised during the procedure and then it feels like your face is asleep for a week or two while it heals.

I was worried about big holes where the teeth were, but since mine hadn't really surfaced yet, they stitched me up and there will be no holes. On older people, including my friend who isn't older, they just came faster, they have these holes back there that take a month or two to heal. So I won't be having those.

I then went to the operating room thing and got my first IV ever. It just felt like a little shot, then nothing, as I watched fluid flow into me. It was the sleepy stuff... I was waiting for it to take effect, noticing that I really didn't feel any effect from it. They then put this mask thing over my nose, I remember the nurse tying down my left arm, then it was all over.

Next thing I know I'm in the car crying my head off.

"I don't remember going into the car." I said, bursting into laughter.

Hahahahahahha, that was hailarious. Soo.... damn... sad. I burst into tears, only to realize how funny it was and started to laugh hyserically. I had no control over my body. That was kinda sad, so I cried. Then I burst into laughter at the absurdness of the situation.

I went back and forth between crying and laughing all the way home. Apparently, that is a common side effect coming out of the anethesia. I wasn't crying out of pain or anything, so don't worry.

In fact, I haven't really been in any pain yet. The fact I'm hopped up on Vicodin might be a cause of that. I can't eat very hard foods, that does tend to hurt, but I can eat mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, jello, and stuff that doesn't require much chewing.

Today I am very swollen and look like John McCain... take a look:

With Flash
Without Flash

Oh wow, I need to clean the mirror. So anyways, hopefully I will be less swollen tomorrow and back to normal by mid-week. It wasn't all I cracked it up to be, I was very alert and watching TV/reading all Friday after having the surgery. I've hear of people who were just pain knocked out and slept for two days. I think I just went in at the right time and got really lucky.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out at 8:00 in the morning. I'm getting totally knocked out, won't be concious, so it will be a party. Then I'm pretty much couch-ridden for two days, eating nothing but liquidy foods and taking pain meds. Hopefully I'll feel okay pretty quickly, then I'm done with it for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So Saturday I was scrambling to get people to go to the Timbers soccer game against Sunderland AFC. They are part of the English Premier League, the best soccer league in the whole world. And they were coming to play the little A-League Portland Timbers. Anyways, it was quite the game, people were very excited and it drew the largest crowd in Portland Timbers history...


...came to watch at PGE Park. Anyways, my dad had planned to go it seemed and didn't tell me, so we ended up going as a family. We got some decent seats in the second "level" to watch the Portland Timbers battle it out:

Crowd settles in for a wonderful match of footy.

The hell kind of call is that!??!

The Timbers Army was out in full force and very loud. Created a great environment, as always. Timber Jim was absent unfortunately.

No game is complete without passing around an inflatable doll dressed in your team's colors.

It ended in a 0-0 draw (yay soccer!... it was entertaining though) and both teams got a huge cheer for their efforts. After the game the Timbers ran around the field and saluted all the fans. Good times.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Guess I should give a little bit of an update.

I took off work Thursday to go down to Oregon State for their START program, which is basically orientation.

Kenny drove us, and parents were encouraged to come so my mom and his mom came along too. We got there, checked in, and then went up to our dorm for the night (it's an overnight thing). It was really small... and looked like it was ported out of the 70s or something. Kinda scared both of us a little, thinking of staying in such a small space.

After that we all went to an opening session. We sung the fight song, listened to speakers, the usual crap. We then broke into individual groups and played little team building games. Woooooo fun. I should mention that it was about 95 degrees out and high humidity. Almost reminded me of Florida, but not quite as bad. Still, it was pretty hot and none of the buildings had or turned on A/C.

We then all gathered for dinner, which was chicken, pasta salad, normal salad, bread, and brownies. It was pretty good, so after filling our bellies up on that we went to a building to take the math placement test. Everyone was packed into this little auditorium, it was about 80 in there, people were sweating, BO smell was in the air... and we had to take a math test. I thought I bombed it but ended up doing pretty good, good enough to skip the first level of math required for my business degree.

After that we looked for this other guy's apartment off campus. We couldn't find it and ended up walking a really long ways and almost being late for dorm tours. This is where we actually got to tour the dorm we'd be staying in. And that intial fear after seeing Callahan faded because Bloss is much nicer. It's newer (so new Virtual Earth doesn't even have it) and three feet longer that your standard dorm room! Yay! We also share a bath with the adjacent room, so its not a bathroom at the end of the hall thing. We plan to loft both our beds, put a couch under one, put computers and the TV under the other.

After that we headed back to our crappier dorm and slept for the night. We actually had three people in there, we let another person we know stay there so he didn't have to sleep with a stanger. So yeah, it was hot and I didn't get very good sleep. But that's allright.

We had appointments that afternoon to see advisors and set our schedule, but they weren't until about 1:00. So we went over and hung out at the parent's hotel room, watching TV and taking a little nap. Pretty soon we headed back to campus and met our advisors. I was surprised that I placed into MTH241, which is Calculus. Wohoo, that should be fun. I'm also taking: Astronomy, Writing in Business, Families in Modern America, and a "transition class." All in all 15 credits, so it should be interesting.

We then rode home and that was all. Should be fun this fall.

I'll write about last night tomorrow for the sake of spreading things out and making it look like I'm updating more than I am.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Carolis also announced that Hayden’s Lakefront Grill of Tualatin will serve as the primary caterer for the Loge section. Hayden’s is located in the Century Hotel, which is owned by former Beaver All-American basketball player Charlie Sitton. Hayden's features award-winning Chef Mark Bernetich’s special blend of Northwest cuisine and International flair."

Chef Mark also has a knack for burning the butter during a cooking demonstration in my home-ec class and sending the whole middle school into a fire evacuation.

He was actually pretty cool though, come in every week to show us something new, glad to hear his restaurant is doing well. We never eat there because it freaking expensive.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good weather today. Good weather yesterday. Good weather for a while it looks like. Yay, finally summer-like temperatures! Need to get out and play some golf or tennis now.

Went out to dinner last night with my mom and my sister. It was a celebration because my sister got a job at Kinko's. Now that she's graduated, my dad's insurance no longer covers her, so she needed a job with benefiets. Her other job didn't have them, but this does. So she's going to work there while she attends graduate school and pays for that. We'll see how she does. It's only $9.00 to start, but hopefully she'll move up. Hopefully her Bachelors can get her a decent job somewhere too, but you really need a Masters to go anywhere in her field.

I've actually worked all five hours all this week. I'm going to get my first full paycheck one month into summer. Wohooo. That is of course assuming that I work all of tomorrow. I think I will, for some reason it's not dragging on as long as it used to.

Hmmm, I think that's all. We should get the TV back from the repair shop tomorrow so MCE can stop freezing trying to be the TV.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a while. That's partly due to the fact nothing has happened. I've played tennis, went to a Portland Beavers game, went to my friend's soccer game at the MJCC Indoor Court (looked like fun) and watched them score a 7-6 upset. Other than that... ummm, nothing really. I've been working, then coming home and playing tennis or trying to get a home run derby or something together. Not much. So yes, how are you?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yesterday for the fourth I went over to Kenny's house. We watched people in his neighborhood set off fireworks then went to Juergen's Park and watched the Tigard (Cook Park?) display. It was pretty cool but I think they had some wiring issues or something because it stopped... then a few randomly went off in the next few minutes. No big finale or anything. Anywho, we had s'mores and stuff so it was good. That's about it.

I find that I don't really care about the 4th anymore. It used to be so fun, my dad would allot me $20 for fireworks, and I'd go out and shop and get them. Lighting them was a thrill... oh yes. Now, I wouldn't want to waste my money on them, and frankly, they are annoying. I find the big displays cool, but the "Killer Bees" and the "Picolo Pete's" don't do it for me. They are loud and annoying and not that spectacular *puts down cane*. But seriously, talk about needless pollution and waste. Yikes, when I was driving home I felt like I was in a fog in some neighborhoods. I also maybe don't care because I'm not particularily found of the direction of my country either, but I won't start on that one.

Friday, July 01, 2005

On Father's Day, we went on a hike to Pittock Mansion via Forest Park (okay, yes, this is over a week old, but still, you know you want to hear about it).

We parked and hiked down to the trial head. We didn't look at which trial we took (always a good idea). So we wander around trying to find Pittock Mansion (if those of you who don't know, it's this big house on top of a hill overlooking Portland). We end up getting slightly lost, wandering around in neighborhood, climbing up Division Street where there's no sidewalk, etc. Finally we find it, and we're pretty tired.

So we took some pictures and enjoyed the scenery. Then we started back down. Well, we didn't remember what trail we took so we got lost. My dad was sure it was one way, but it was obviously the exact oppisite way. He was being stubborn so we went along with him, my mom and I cracking up as we followed him. He knew he was wrong after a while but kept walking because he didn't want to admit it. Finally we mentioned it to him, he got pissed but quickly turned around because he knew we were right. We finally found ourselves on a street and had to hike a dozen or so blocks to the car.

Picture One- Mt. Hood & Portland

Picture Two- Overlooking Downtown

Picture Three- Pittock Mansion