Friday, September 29, 2006

With the first week now over (I don't have school on Fridays) I'll give you an update on my classes:

BA 271 - Technology in Business
Another technology class, seems we will be focusing on creating webpages and working with Microsoft Access. The professor is interesting and I think I'll like the class better than BA131 last year, as that professor took things really seriously.

BA 211 - Financial Accounting
My most dreaded subject... accounting. It will be nice at first, I took two years of accounting in high school so that background will definetly help out. I can't even imagine never taking an accounting course and then stepping foot in there. We'll see how it goes, it doesn't look like there is too much homework, but you never know when they'll stick a simulation on you (noooooo!).

PS 201 - Intro to US Government and Politics
A class I added on Tuesday after going to a Economics class on Monday and finding it way over my head. I'll blog about that later. But this class should be at least interesting. It looks like I will have to read and do a few projects, but the material shouldn't be too challenging to understand. Plus, the professor likes to make his lectures liberally biased so it's all good.

PAC 116 - Basketball I
A Physical Activity Course... basically an automatic "P" and 1 credit. Should be fun and I'll fine tune my skills for Muskrat season.

COMM 111 - Public Speaking
Your basic speech course. I already did this in high school god dammit.

And there you have it. Not the hardest schedule ever, but I see challenges in Accounting and Political Science. BA 271 will require a bunch of work, but it should be easy.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Moved in yesterday. Kenny came to my house around 11:00am with the truck and trailer again to move the rest of the big stuff. This included my bed, desk, computer, dressor, TV stand, kitchen table, and others. Was surprised by the shear amount of stuff that needed to be moved. When you picture it in your head its never as much as what really is there. I remember thinking this when I moved out of the dorm last year. Man that was work for such a tiny room.

Anyways we got rolling and moved all the stuff in. I was really dreading it because I hate moving, but actually it wasn't that bad. My dad came along and Kenny's dad was there so they helped out too. We assembled the table and TV stand and all was good to go.

It was kinda sad moving out at first, I mean, I lived in that same house for 20 years. I guess I still consider it my home, like when I was in the dorms. I'll just miss my parents a lot, we had fun during the summer. Just sitting down being slobs and watching Raymond is fun. Sigh. Hopefully we'll talk on the phone more than once a week this year... heh.

That being said, living on my own is awesome and the apartment is cool as well. Would you like a tour? Good!

Let's start with the bathroom. Your typical fare. Probably should have put the seat down for the picture, oh well.

Our ginormous living room. Still looking for stuff to fill it with. Some friends of ours have an extra chair they are giving us, so that will help.

Adorable kitchen table.

Kitchen, complete with George Foreman Grill and microwave. The oven/stove work well too, much more consistant than the 1986 appliances found in Tualatin.

Other side, weird angle. Snapping pictures at 1:00am will do that for you. The sink and whatnot... oh, and we have a dishwasher!

The bachelor pad. Yeah, not very interesting.

So there you have it. Overall its like 990 square feet so we shouldn't complain. Much, much nicer than the dorms last year. And although its not walkable distance from campus, its comparable to going to work at PWC... in that you can make it there in like 7 or 8 minutes. All my classes fall so that I don't have any large breaks, so I just have to go to/from once.

After moving, it was time for the game against the Idaho Vandals. Details will be in another post.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If there was any doubt on who recovered the ball Saturday in the Oregon/Oklahoma game:

Oops. Still boggles my mind they can undo the pile/scramble for the ball, find no ball there, and then just reward the ball to Oregon. Amazing. #23 had it all the time, the guy was walking away thinking the refs saw him recover it and it would be OU. What was he thinking once the ball was rewarded to Oregon?

If you're not familiar with this story, then where the hell were you Saturday?
Just wanted to post and say hope all is well with you Lena. I'm thinking of you, Ella, Andrea, and her entire family. Keep fighting and I hope to see you soon. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yeah, I think it was about time I did laundry, wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Okay, so a couple of days ago we drove up to Seattle to go shopping for our apartments at IKEA. Originally it was going to be me, Adam, Courtney and Laurel. Then Phil wanted to come along so it was going to be the five of us. Then Courtney's mom decided to come along so Phil and Adam dropped out, so it was just us three. I wasn't really wanting to buy too much, all I had in mind was a TV stand, but Courtney and Laurel wanted a bunch of stuff for their condo.

Well, let's see the highlights of the trip. We drove up on Saturday and went straight to IKEA in Renton, thanks to the help of Sue (our GPS dealie). So we shopped. A lot. I think all told it was a little over two hours. The store was GIGANTIC, way bigger than I expected, it was like its own little city. They have a lot of stuff, some nice, some kinda ugly. Some seemed really well priced, others were kinda iffy. It was crowded and I felt like I was in Disneyland. So basically you had to browse around a lot. I just hate shit like:

"Would these curtains work?"
"Maybe, I don't know. For what window?"
"I dunno... like the on the left?"
"Which left? Our left or the left if you're in the yard?"
"Ummmm... I think our left. You know that one with the wood panel."
"Oh come on. Next to the heat thing."
"Nevermind. Wait... how wide is our window?"
"I dunno, do you?"
"Nope, why did I ask then? I thought we measured."
"Don't think so."
"So we don't know what size we need?"
"Oh damn."
"This is cute though."
"Yeah, I like this one too."
"Yeah, that's pretty. It would go well..."

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, KILL ME. Anyways it was bearable and we got out soon enough to watch the Duck game which I really wanted to see (unfortunately they won). So then we went out to dinner, then back to the hotel room. We stayed in Bellevue... so yeah.

The next day we woke up and headed towards Seattle to explore a little. We went to the Public Market thing... browsed around a little, watched the fish place. So that was fun, I hadn't been there in a couple of years so it was fun to see again. The parking/traffic was insane though, but understandable since it was a Sunday.

Next we wandered over to the University of Washington to check things out. Went and looked at Husky Stadium:

It was big, but pretty basic. Looked like all bleacher seats, was surrounded by a track, etc. The seats way up high seem like they'd be tough to sit in... I thought Reser inclined quickly... yeesh. I could see how 70,000 some people packed in there yelling though would be intimidating, very big and steep, like you're in a canyon (with a track around it).

We then walked past where the Mutts play basketball, Bank of America Arena:

Couldn't go inside but looked nice. Sure it puts Gill to shame.

Anyway, we hung around a little, trying to meet up with my friend Max but couldn't, so decided to call it a day and go home. On the way back I got to pump my own gas, and let me tell you, it was quite the exciting experience.

How the hell does this work?

Little Oregon boy figures it out!

And aside from the gas nothing else special happened. The End.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thursday was my birthday, and wouldn't you know it, it just so happened to be the Beavers football opener as well! The game was against Eastern Washington, so you knew it wasn't going to be the greatest, but still any Beaver football game is totally worth it.

I actually went to work for a few hours in the morning on Thursday to get things all caught up. Since I'm now co-in charge of inventory with another person while Timeea is in Romania I have more of a set schedule. I did take Friday off though because the game started at 7pm and there was no way in hell I was booking it down I-5 at 1am.

Laurel drove, so we pimped out her car. Not quite as extravagant as last year's pimpage, but still tackalicious.

So we arrived in Corvallis around 3:30pm I think. We each brought some stuff to move into our apartments so we did that. After meeting up with some people we headed to the fairgrounds for free parking and a shuttle to the game.

We arrived with about 45 minutes to kill before the game, so it was just perfect. We all got seats around the fifty yardline, so it was a good place to watch the Beavers kick the Eagles ass on my birthday.

Excited for her first Beavers game!

A little over 38,000 orange clad Beavers filed in for the contest.

As for the game, it was a blowout. On the second play of the game the Eagles fumbled the ball. A few runs later, Yvenson Bernard was dancing in the endzone. I think they fumbled their next time too. Then Joe Newton snared a TD. Then Sabby picked the QB off and Ev hit paydirt once again. Needless to say, it was 42-7 at the half and the Beavers were completely dominating.

By the end the Beavers held EWU to 84 total yards and only 17 points. Those were allowed as such:

1) Punt Return TD late in the 4th quarter with scrubs playing and a crappy kick from the freshman punter.
2) Bad kickoff coverage allowed them to get into field goal range for 3.
3) Two personal fouls aided a drive where the Eagles actually looked decent and ran the ball for a TD.

The Beaver defense looked great but then again it was a 1-AA team, and not a very good one at that. Special teams were shaky at best... Serna missed a field goal and the new punter Loomis looked awful, not to mention the crappy kick coverage. Oh where oh where is Keller Christensen when you need him?

(From left) Stephen, Phil, and Meg enjoying the ass kicking by the Beavers. Arman is right above Meg's head and then Brian is right in front of him.

Oh, and there was a game, here is a picture of it!

Final score.

So the Beavers let up in the second half to be all classy and not be poor sports. This gave a lot of the young guys a chance to play and it was fun to see them in there because they will be the ones eventually starting.

After the game we met up with some other people and just hung out for a while, ordering pizza because we were so hungry. The night ended up watching the USA lose to Greece in the FIBA World Championships, so woot. That's why I dislike the NBA, the style of play is not true basketball. Even with all these "All-Stars" they can't beat a group of players playing fundamentally as a team. Thus why I like college basketball five million times better (aside from the Blazers of course).

All in all a good birthday. We crashed in Corvallis and headed back on Friday.