Tuesday, December 09, 2014


I was bad and forgot to take pictures during!
Year three of the HoHo 5k at Cook Park in Tigard. Second year doing it with Brandon who surprisingly agreed to do it again this year (and had off and on buyer's remorse). When we were finished though he said something along the lines of "I like how we do the two races, it's like a tradition" (referring to the Sunday Evenings 5k in the summer and this race in the almost-winter). So overall I'm looking forward to following Santa in his Sleighburu for many years to come!

I picked Brandon up around 9am and we headed to the park. Much warmer this year, 38 degrees this year compared to 18 last year. It was still a little cold though. Picked up our packets and then headed back to the car to stay warm. Brandon seems much less nervous before races now. Before his first race he was really quiet and I could tell he was freaking out a little. Now it's like old hat.

Anyways, after saying hi to some people that I knew at the start line, the race started with Santa leading the way in his Sleighburu. We ran to the bottom of the big hill out of Cook Park again and then walked up it. Seems silly to be walking less than a quarter mile into the race, but if we were to run up that I'm afraid it would take too much out of him. Once we reached the top we started running and got a half mile in before he had to take his first walking break. After that we started running again (about a 10:00/mi pace) and hit the first mile in 10:36.

As soon as I announced that we hit one mile Brandon wanted to walk again. I said something along the lines of "we haven't even gone a quarter mile since we last walked!" which was met with disinterest and a slow down to walk. Haha. The good news is after that break we ran almost another half mile before he needed to rest again. We waved at Santa and went down into the park. This wasn't Brandon's best mile. I just kept encouraging him and he was nice enough to encourage me back. Hit it in 11:52 and were a little bit behind PR pace.

Brandon seemed disinterested in getting a PR at this point in the race. "I don't really care" I believe is a direct quote. It was funny because it reminded myself of me during a race. I could give two craps about PRs once the race starts and I'm tired and I want to quit. However, Brandon, like me, didn't give up. With some encouragement and determination we kept grinding along. I dared him not to let a couple shuffling along pushing a double stroller to beat us. Also, that slightly pudgy kid your age ahead of us. You're not going to let him beat us are you?

After walking right at the mile two mark we only took one more walking break. I kept a 10:00/mile pace up and Brandon would charge ahead, walk until I got close, charge back ahead, walk, etc. As long as we were maintaining that 10:00/mile pace, whatever worked. We did meet up and walk together for a little bit before he took off like a bat out of hell once the stroller people waved to us while ahead during a small out and back (we had a friendly back and forth going).

He started off a little early so eventually I caught back up to him. We had passed his targets though and were getting close to the finish. I was very proud of him, he was exhausted, but kept going because he knew we were close. He tried to stop at one point but I said "you can't stop now!" and he kept going. Into the finish we rolled, Brandon in a full on sprint.

I was so proud! He really gave it his all and after the second mile it wasn't looking so hot for a PR, but he pulled off a quick third mile while exhausted to bring it home. The course was short again, about 2.9 miles, so we never hit mile three. We would have hit it in about 10:15 though which I believe would have been his fastest mile ever. I adjusted his time upward to make it a true 5K time, that way when he runs his next 5k, he is playing on a level field. Way to go Brandon!

Brandon's Official Time: 31:39, 10:57/mi. 145/327 overall (top 45%!), 7/11 M11-14.
Adjusted 5k PR: 33:50

Our pacing during the HoHo 5k this year. Drops in the blue line correspond to walking breaks.

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  1. Yay, Brandon! He did awesome. It's so funny, when you wrote that he said, "I don't really care" about a PR during the race, I thought, "That's exactly what I say when it gets tough!" Hahaha. It's so hard to care about a PR when you're really trying your hardest and you feel like you want to die anyway ;) That's awesome that Brandon thinks of your races as a tradition now!