Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Well, I found something out last week when I went to give myself my third shot. Turns out the vial of methotrexate they give me is 2mL and each shot I give myself is .8mL. So basically I have to go to the pharmacy every two weeks because each vial is only 2.5 doses. I'll be calling the doctor about that one. Ain't nobody got time for that. It has to be available in a larger vial.

Anyways, I didn't realize this when I went to give myself my third injection. So I was able to get up to 0.5 (hey an extra 0.1 for free!) before I ran out. I was confused for a second but then I did a little math in my head and was like "oh." Annoying. It was like 8:15pm, the pharmacy closes at 9pm and who knows if they could even accommodate me. So I injected the partial dose and then took some leftover oral tablets I had to make up the difference. So this week was a mix of the two. I'm sure that's fine in a pinch, don't see why not.

That did remind me that the pills suck though! I was nauseous almost immediately after taking them. It's this low level nausea that just make you feel crummy for an extended period. Anyways, boo to that. I am very much looking forward to my full injection this week even though I seem to feel them more and more each time. Less adrenaline pumping because I'm not scared maybe? Anyways, even when I do feel them it's no biggie.

Am I getting better? That's the question. I'd like to think so. I can swear I do feel an improvement. The arthritis is still very much there, but I haven't had a flare since being sick, even if my joints haven't felt super fresh. I was able to play soccer with Brandon and go on a run the next day last week without anything major happening. It seems my knees "warm up" faster once I start walking around.

So who knows. I've convinced myself it's getting better before and every time I've been wrong. So I'm on a very wait and see approach at the moment. I'm going to Iceland in one month (soon - yikes!) and plan to do some decent hiking, so I really hope I can do that comfortably!

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