Tuesday, February 27, 2018


My final Portland Marathon finish in 2015.
SPOILER: I didn't win. Next try, MCM on March 21st.

Tomorrow I find out if I won an entry into the New York City Marathon. I have no expectation of actually getting in as the odds are less than 20% (16.5% last year) and pretty much nobody gets in their first time, but hey, I'm giving it a shot! Assuming that doesn't go through, my next attempt will be to sign up for the Marine Corp Marathon. That is also a lottery system, however, the odds there are much higher (85% in 2016 according to this article).

Should I be unable to get into the MCM then I'll probably settle on something local. Maybe the Seattle Marathon? I'd have to wait until the Oregon State football schedule is released though, as it is the Sunday of the Civil War football game and the Beavers are at home. Actually, that pretty much rules it out to be honest! Maybe the Columbia Gorge Marathon? I've avoided that one due to the proximity date-wise to the Portland Marathon and the hills, but I'm going to be slow anyway and won't be trying for speed, so maybe I should just go for it. We'll see. First things first... New York and the MCM.

Speaking of the Portland Marathon, it looks like the shitshow will continue one more year. I wasn't aware they were seriously considering replacing it for 2018, but this article goes into the drama of what is going on. Sounds like this year will be Les' last hurrah. I'm sure it will be even more poorly attended than last year. It's a shame it was mismanaged and rat-fucked into the ground. I really liked it the three years I ran it. It wasn't perfect, but it was a good race. However, it looks like some shady shit was going on behind the scenes so it's death is actually welcome.

Hopefully in 2019 they will go through with a new event. Sounds like the city wants to work with someone new and put on a great event. Maybe even get a really good course that shows the city off better. I'm sure city officials recognize the impact a good marathon can have on tourism, so let's hope some other group can deliver that for the city. Assuming I am still mobile and want to run a marathon next year, I would LOVE to sign up for the inaugural 2019 event by the new organizers.

As for the running, I'm plugging along. Hate the cold weather. Can't wait for spring. Motivating yourself to run when it is dark and 42 out versus light and 60 is a completely different ballgame! The Shamrock Run 15k is coming up soon... that'll be my next race. Legs still feel pretty decent. Not 100% like at the peak of methotrexate, but more than good enough to stay in half marathon-ish shape.


  1. "Hate the cold weather... dark and 42" ... Yeah, that sounds absolutely terrible. I can't imagine running in anything under 40 degrees ;)

    Depending on where you end up running your 26.2, I just may go spectate!

    1. Aww, I just realized that my little profile picture next to my comment is from my first trip to Portland... for the Shamrock 15K. I was standing at the finish line after getting lost.

    2. Ah yes, March 15, 1 BGM. (Before Google Maps).