Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Can you spot me? Final PMC run in 2018!
I can't believe the Marine Corp Marathon is almost here and that I'm nearly done with my training. In some ways it feels like I just started training like two months ago, however, in other ways... it feels like I've been training forever. I remember looking at my marathon training plan, seeing those 24 weeks, and thinking about how long and impossible that looked. Yet, here I am, 20.5 weeks in and feeling pretty confident about things. The question of whether or not I could handle the marathon training has definitely been answered.

The half marathon in Boring definitely did a number on my legs though. I ran that thing 100% and I was sore from it for a few days. Even once the soreness passed, my legs were tired and lacked any "spring" for another week or so. I just now feel like I am back to normal. The good news is, I was still able to get all my runs in and keep my mileage up. I just did a lot of easy runs, knowing that the miles were more important than the speed. Eventually my legs caught back up and now I'm ready to attack the final "peak" week in the training cycle with vigor.

The weekend after Boring I had to do 16 miles on my own, as Oregon State had a football "game" at 1:00pm that precluded me from attending the PMC run. So on Sunday I went out from my house and did a 10 mile and 6 mile loop. My legs started feeling it maybe 7 miles in. Like I said, my legs had not recovered from the race by that point. However, I just kept plodding along, and while my legs ached, it wasn't anything hateful. The pit-stop at my house after ten miles was an upper too, as I snarfed down a couple fruit snacks and a tall glass of water. The final six miles wasn't as bad as I imagined.

Apparently PMC thinks I'm motivational?
Last weekend I was able to run with PMC but they were doing only 8 miles. The Portlandathon is this coming weekend, so they were in major taper mode. I still woke up early and went because I had missed the previous two weeks and wanted to say goodbye and good luck to all my pals there. So I ran eight with them and then added six more to hit 14 on the day. I had the misfortune of trying to add six by running around the waterfront in Portland while there was a Pancreatic Cancer awareness walk taking place. The place was PACKED and I had to do quite a bit of weaving (important cause though!). Anyways, I ended up scrapping my out and back plans and did a loop around the Tilikum Crossing to avoid having to go back through it. Worked out nicely and my legs definitely felt better than the week before.

Which brings me to this week. FORTY miles (I know actual marathoners, that's not a lot). Twenty on Saturday and then five at the Portlandathon 5-Miler on Sunday. The peak of the training cycle! My fourth twenty mile run! The long run is going to suck because no more PMC. Twenty isn't too bad when you are running with a group and stopping at an aid station every four miles. Twenty on your own? Ehh. I think my last two by myself was during my first cycle in 2013. It's been a while. Still haven't quite decided what to do, but probably two or three loops from the house with stops for water and snacks. It's going to suck but whatever. Just get it over with and then it's all downhill from there.

I know I'm going to start freaking out when it's closer to race time, but I feel like I'm ready. I've had a really successful training cycle and my knees honestly feel better than they ever felt even before the arthritis flared up. The marathon is still probably going to suck, I'm still going to be questioning everything and praying for death at mile 23, but yeah, let's get this show on the road!

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