Saturday, August 05, 2017


This is my left foot (mirrored for some reason).
Well, thought I should finally update you guys. I think most who know me are aware, but in case you haven't heard or you an internet stalker, I've encountered bad luck again. Well, I created this bad luck, but still, it has stopped me cold on the running front. I broke two toes on my left foot pretty bad in what we'll all a "small motorcycle" accident.

It happened two weeks ago today actually. Just as I seemed to be breaking free of my IT issue and maybe finding a groove this happens. Recovery time is 4-6 weeks so I'm probably looking at early September before I can run again. Don't want to push things... it's not worth it. It has gotten a lot better in the last two weeks though, I've gone from limping badly in a walking boot to almost being able to walk normal and in regular shoes.

Two of my toes were going almost 90 degrees the wrong direction. It was pretty gruesome. At the time it didn't hurt at all, my body was full of adrenaline so the whole time to the ER I was pretty low key. The thing that hurt the most was the four shots into my broken toe. A big needle and a lot of painkiller going in there. Holy hell, probably the most painful thing in my life so far. They then cracked the toes back into place. If they painfully numb you up for that I'd hate to feel that crack sober.

At this point it is just a waiting game for my foot to heal. So that sucks, but the last week or so it's been really hot, so going outside wouldn't be pleasant anyways. Once I can walk comfortably maybe I'll go to PRC and walk on Mondays. Need to try and stay somewhat active despite the foot. It's going to suck starting over again running, but by this point I'm used to it. Hopefully I'll have much better luck this fall. My knees feel hunky dory at this point with very little being asked of them.

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  1. Two toes at 90 degrees makes me want to vomit ;D Glad I got to see you were ok this weekend!!