Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Saturday's Coach Jim run.
Well, I've been running pretty consistently for about two months now. If you go into the graphs and stats on my RunningAhead account you can really see the uptick in activity. While I was very cautious at first about it being sustainable, I'm beginning to think it may actually end up proving to be so. I've been running three times a week consistently and going anywhere from 15-22 miles without an issue. So that is very encouraging.

On Saturday I went to a Coach Jim run, my first since nearly two years ago. It is always hard to get motivated to go at 8am, especially when it is still dark at 7:20am when you wake up and cold and foggy outside. However, I forced myself to go out there and was so glad I did it and got it out of the way. We ran from the Cedar Hill Foot Traffic store and it was a really good 10 mile route. Two loops that kind of made a figure eight shape.

I think I'll do most my long runs on the weekend with Sunstone still though. Coach Jim is a marathon training group and I'm not training for a marathon. He always does his run in two loops, which is nice, but once each loop is 7 or 8 miles it becomes a bit awkward. Because I'd want to run more than one loop but not the full two loops. So you'd have to abandon the group and turn around. It'll remain a good backup option, but Sunstone runs a solid ten and you can always tack on a couple miles extra if you need to once you're back without it being awkward (people do that all the time).

Another run of note was last night. I ran the rollercoaster route at PRC for the first time in almost 21 months. It was really enjoyable! I was a bit hesitant to do so... my legs were a little worn from Saturday still, the Coach Jim run was a bit hilly, so when Matt suggested we run it I was a little scared. But I've been really babying my legs so I figured it was a good time to test it out. So off we went on the 7.2 mile hilly route. Felt great! We even managed 9:51/mile, much quicker than I thought. Today my legs feel just fine. So that was super encouraging!


  1. I'm impressed. That's all.

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