Monday, April 17, 2017


So that cold really sucked. All told I was sick for 15 days and hacking out stuff for a couple more. I'm back to normal now enjoying it very much. Not being able to taste... feeling like you were drowning in snot... not fun. Worst sickness in many, many years.

Anyways, I would say the progress on my knees plateaued. I've been on a couple runs since being healthy again and my knees are reacting somewhat. Not inflaming to the point where it hurt to walk down stairs like when it was really bad, but enough to hobble for a few steps and remind me that they are not normal. So I don't think the current set up is going to give me the results I'm looking for. Right now if I wanted to just exist and walk around it would be okay, but currently I can't ski, play tennis, go on a long hike, etc without bothering my knees.

I'll mention this at my next rheumatology appointment, which is in a week or so. Ugh. I'm guessing she'll just want to bump up the MTX dose (they can go up to 25mg, I'm taking 15mg) but I'm not sure if that'll fix it or if I want to take that much! I know MTX is the cheapest treatment out there because it's old enough to have plenty of generics... but I also wonder if there is a newer treatment I could take that is more effective. I'm open to whatever though. Who knows, maybe 25mg will end up tamping the inflammation all the way down.

On a funny note, the way I can tell how my knees feel is to just imagine jumping in the air. I can be sitting, laying down, whatever, I don't need to be standing or anything. Just the way my body physically reacts to this thought lets me know how my joints are. When it's bad, I almost cringe. When things are good, it's no problem. And when things are meh, like recently, it sounds doable but painful at the gut level.

Silver lining, I can probably get a medical deferment for the upcoming war with North Korea, so there's that. Maybe the nuclear fallout will be good for joint pain?

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